Each registered member has an assigned number, which must be used on each event registration form and match your vehicle(s) displayed number, for the entire season.

This means a member can use their assigned number on more than one vehicle in one or more classes.

Please ensure the number you’re assigned is the number you enter on your event (race) registration form.

We removed the number plate background color requirements – the only requirement is for it to have a contrasting background and be easy to read.

The 170 Stock class has been renamed to the 170 Limited class, and we added a beginner class

The 570 Stock and Modified classes have been changed to be the 800 Limited and 800 Open classes (800cc & under) and the limited class will be for beginner/intermediate, and the Open class is for Experts.

We’ve renamed the Youth classes, added a “Youth NA Open” class, and changed the ages to 12-17

For those under 18 that raced the NA1000 class in 2023, the new Youth NA Open class is for you.

We also changed the NA 1000 and Turbo 1000 to Amateur NA and Amateur Turbo. And now the Amateur and PRO classes are for adults 18+

In addition to the changes in our available classes, we’ve added skill levels and changed the age requirements to match.

Please submit a racer resume and other examples demonstrating a competitor’s ability to move up a class skill or age group.


Now everyone except the Amateur and VET classes will race both days, same as the 170 classes did in 2023

There will be DROP RACES in 2024, though we’ve added “Bonus Points” for those that enter and start every race.

*This will be for ALL classes including the PRO classes.